Being born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Southern California have been fortunate to have experienced both cultures that have influenced the person that I am today. After graduating high school, I had taken many risks over the course of the next 10 years, that led me to set out on my own between both states. Looking back, I believe I was looking for my definition of home.

During the course of that time, I gave birth to my daughter, Lily, in 2009, and it was then that I learned that I quickly needed to make a decision in order to give HER stability. Being a single mother was a challenge, to say the least, but I was determined to design a life of love and happiness for us, no matter the circumstance. And with the help of my best friend, I decided to do that in New York.

Working as a freelance hairstylist, preparing for my 30th birthday, and with a renewed feeling about my life, it felt like the universe was was giving me all that I was asking for, and that included being introduced to my better half. And my better half, Ryan, led me to (yet again) move my life to Long Island, New York.

Living in Long Island has provided me all the blessings I have often dreamed of. So why wasn’t I feeling happy? Lots of soul searching led me to a flood of philosophies and epiphanies. I was immediately reminded of how much “happiness” was solely MY responsibility.

So I decided to start this blog. This blog is something personal for me, a collection of memories of the life I remember promising myself I would design no matter what.